Terms and Conditions

The Photographer cannot accept responsibility for the photographic coverage requested if details provided by the Client either orally or in writing are incorrect. The Client accepts in the event they have not provided the Photographer with written instructions then the Photographer cannot be held liable for any missed photographic coverage due to incorrect information. For family gatherings (which include but are not necessarily restricted to christenings, weddings and family portrait sessions), the client must provide a family contact person to the Photographer whose role is as follows:

(1) To contact the Photographer prior to the family gathering and explain unique events during the family gathering;

(2) To gather key family members for family portraits at appropriate times during the family gathering;

(3) To identify persons of particular significance at the family gathering so that all key attendees are photographed;

(4) When the Client has requested a photo book, it is the Client’s responsibility to supply text for inclusion in the book, to provide wording for book cover within seven days of being requested by the Photographer; and to approve the book’s wording and all photographs within seven days of being requested by the Photographer. The Client also acknowledges that the availability of the book(s) is dependent on the assistance of the family contact person and that it will generally be available within four weeks from the date the family contact person has approved the book’s wording and photographs and payment has been received in full.

To avoid disruption to the photographic coverage and to allow the Photographer to fulfill its contracted duty, other photography by family and friends during the family gathering will be at the discretion of the Photographer.

A telephone order requires written confirmation and payment before the order can be processed.

All reasonable traveling costs, freight and postage will be paid by the Client; all travel within metropolitan Sydney will be at the Photographer’s cost.

Payment: a $500  non-refundable deposit is required to secure a booking and the balance is required to be paid 7 days prior to the assignement.

The Client acknowledges that the Photographer will not retain photographic images  for more than six months after the date of the photography and that copyright remains with the Photographer. The client acknowledges that the Photographer may use images of the family gathering or portrait session  for publicity purposes including publishing images on this or other websites controlled by the Photographer. The client also acknowledges that the photographer does not guarantee that every aspect of a family gathering will be photographed due to the ‘live’ nature of the event and the photographer’s right not to disrupt your event.

The Client accepts that the Photographer has no control over the environment in which photo book(s) are kept once they are delivered to the Client and that the book(s) have limited life expectancy when exposed to strong and prolonged light sources.

The Photographer has the right to nominate a photographer with appropriate skills to photograph the family gathering when he is unable to photograph the event.

The Photographer reserves the right to enhance images as he sees fit. Any client request for image enhancement is at the discretion of the photographer.

The Photographer will carry out the assignment with due and professional diligence. The Photographer shall not be liable for its complete performance of the assignment where there are events beyond its control. Elements beyond the Photographer’s control include industrial disputes, civil disturbances, equipment failure and weather conditions which may inhibit or prevent the Photographer from completing in whole or in part this assignment.

It is agreed that the liability of the Photographer shall be limited to a refund of any money paid and that the client indemnifies the Photographer for any action commenced as a consequence of the engagement by the Client of the Photographer.

The Photographer reserves the right to change prices without given written notice to the Client. This only applies to future and not existing orders.