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wedding couple at Opera House

How to photograph a bride who hates photographers?

Rebecca and Shaun’s wedding party at Quay Restaurant, Circular Quay How do you photograph a wedding party when the bride declined a wedding photographer? Most marriages involve compromises but usually there is a honeymoon period before the compromising starts….. Rebecca didn’t want a wedding photographer, Shaun did. The compromise was no photographer at the wedding but...

October 2, 2014April 21, 2020
High risk wedding shots

High risk wedding shots

Recently a photographer was sued by a wedding couple for failing to take a photo of ‘the kiss’ at the wedding ceremony. Rest assured I captured the kiss at Emily and Ayrton’s wedding and I did it without using flash. Instead I shot at 5600 asa, an insanely high ISO which I used because I...

February 17, 2013April 22, 2020