Two sisters

Two sisters,  different temperaments and ages so how to unite them in a single photo?

Interlocking their arms were essential, placing the older girl slightly back so that she would appear the same size also helped as did the common background, a mottled wall and I shot at f8 so both girls would be in sharp focus despite them not being on the same plane.

The location was chosen as it was in strong shade so the light on the girls’ faces is even and equally as important, the soft light’s not making them squint. Whilst I do use flashes, I am reluctant to use them too much as invariably people start to brace themselves for the harsh blinding light and this isn’t a good look.

Finally, the girls are relaxed and enjoying the photo session: by the time the photo was taken I had worked with them for an hour; this was the second location and as we worked together, I explained to them what images I was trying to capture and showed them the results on the back of my camera to gain their confidence.

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