Two sisters

Two sisters,  different temperaments and ages so how to unite them in a single photo? Interlocking their arms were essential, placing the older girl slightly back so that she would appear the same size also helped as did the common background, a mottled wall and I shot at f8 so both girls would be in sharp focus despite them not being on the same plane. The location was chosen as it was in strong shade so the light on the girls’ faces is even and equally as important, the soft light’s not making them squint. Whilst I do use flashes,...

Harrison, 12 days new or how to photograph a newborn in your home.

How to photograph a newborn with his parents? Here is one solution! This image was taken on a black cloth on a sofa in Harry’s living room. I used a black cloth on the sofa to mask any distraction and the warm ‘sunlight’ on Harry’s face is the overhead halogen light. I bounced two SB800s onto the white wall opposite the sofa to create a giant soft box. I used a 50mm lens which is perfect for babies.

Old girls

Now that I am a fine art photographer,  should I deign to photograph ‘old girl’ reunions? Just as Judy Annear, Senior Curator of Photography at the AGNSW, couldn’t be bothered to visit my exhibition, or even decline my invitation in a friendly manner, should I snub what was my bread and butter photography? Of course I should photograph ‘old girl’ reunions. How could I pass up the opportunity to capture portraits like this one photographed yesterday?

Horizons Function Centre at South Maroubra SLSC – a venue designed for photographers?

Horizons Function Centre at South Maroubra SLSC – a venue designed for photographers?

Many function centres make for lousy photography with poor lighting, no photographic props and dismal décor. As soon as I stepped out of the lift I realised Horizons Function Centre would be brilliant for photography since it is a huge well-lit  room with panoramic views of the ocean, has a kid’s play centre with terrific lighting in one corner and a black velvet curtain in another . Below are examples of what can be achieved in a christening venue like this. Balcony photos Here is an angelic shot together with two others, all taken on the balcony.        ...