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wedding couple at Opera House

How to photograph a bride who hates photographers?

Rebecca and Shaun’s wedding party at Quay Restaurant, Circular Quay How do you photograph a wedding party when the bride declined a wedding photographer? Most marriages involve compromises but usually there is a honeymoon period before the compromising starts….. Rebecca didn’t want a wedding photographer, Shaun did. The compromise was no photographer at the wedding but...

October 2, 2014April 21, 2020
bride and bridesmaids at Paddington wedding

A bride and her maids

I’m redoing my website (still) and my catchphrase is no forced poses. Realistically, some images at a wedding need to be posed, like those of the bridesmaids and bride as the chance of them being all together unposed is remote. But if the posing is quick, it will work. The image below was taken on...

March 3, 2013March 31, 2018
christening child photographed on balcony of Horizons Function Centre

Horizons Function Centre at South Maroubra SLSC – a venue designed for photographers?

Many function centres make for lousy photography with poor lighting, no photographic props and dismal décor. As soon as I stepped out of the lift I realised Horizons Function Centre would be brilliant for photography since it is a huge well-lit  room with panoramic views of the ocean, has a kid’s play centre with terrific...

May 2, 2012March 28, 2018