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community centre wollongong

A photographer’s response to the closure of an important community asset

Last year the State Government decided to close the West Street Centre in Wollongong. The Centre provides counselling for child sexual assault and organises self-help groups for survivors of child sexual assault. It’s interesting to speculate why the State Government targeted the Centre. One possibility is the Shooters and Fishers Party were uncomfortable with the Centre: The...

March 15, 2013March 28, 2018
bride and bridesmaids at Paddington wedding

A bride and her maids

I’m redoing my website (still) and my catchphrase is no forced poses. Realistically, some images at a wedding need to be posed, like those of the bridesmaids and bride as the chance of them being all together unposed is remote. But if the posing is quick, it will work. The image below was taken on...

March 3, 2013March 31, 2018

Old girls

Now that I am a fine art photographer,  should I deign to photograph ‘old girl’ reunions? Just as Judy Annear, Senior Curator of Photography at the AGNSW, couldn’t be bothered to visit my exhibition, or even decline my invitation in a friendly manner, should I snub what was my bread and butter photography? Of course...

May 18, 2012March 28, 2018